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Hello and Welcome!

PolyTripper is a website where language learners can find teachers who speak a language either natively or near-natively to help them practice. How the website works is explained in more detail in the How PolyTripper Works Students and How PolyTripper Works Teachers pages.

Sharing the Magic

If you already enjoy learning languages, you'll love that PolyTripper was created by two people who love them as much as you do. We are Mohan and Wanda, a married couple from the United States and the Netherlands respectively. We both speak English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German and Mohan also speaks Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and Russian. We are also both computer programmers, which gave us the idea of creating this website together. We love the concept of joining teachers and students, so they can mutually benefit from the experience.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

If learning languages intimidates you, we want to do our best to impart some of the joy and enthusiasm that we've experienced in our language learning journey. In Mohan's words, "There's probably no other single experience outside of my family that has given me the same depth, beauty, intellectual stimulation, and satisfaction as the friendships and experiences I've had from my language learning." In a talk Mohan gave once, he looked at the audience and said "I really wish this experience on all of you in your lifetimes."

Mohan and Wanda Embar, PolyTripper Co-Founders

Mohan and Wanda Embar, PolyTripper Co-Founders

Our Promise to You as a Student

We promise to value you and your feedback and are grateful that you are the reason for PolyTripper's continued existence. You'll never be a number here. We'll also strive to do our best to assemble a group of quality teachers to guide you in your language learning journey.

Our Promise to You as a Teacher

At PolyTripper, we love both our students and teachers. This love translates to a number of concrete things for our teachers which distinguish us from our competitors:

  • We will listen to your feedback and respect you.
  • We won't impose silly restrictions (like forbidding you to talk about other websites).
  • We won't exploit you (like making you give the first lesson for free).
  • We won't overcharge you (our commission is 66% less than most of our competitors).

In short, we want you to be with us because of mutual respect, admiration and caring. Given our love for languages, our vision is that the PolyTripper experience be equally joyful for everyone involved.