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Regular / Irregular / Conjugations / Tenses


Regular Verbs / Irregular Verbs

to give up/abandon

abandonner  to give up/abandon

to tear down/slaughter

abattre  to tear down/slaughter

to damage/destroy

abîmer  to damage/destroy

to abolish

abolir  to abolish

to subscribe

abonner  to subscribe

to bark

aboyer  to bark

to accelerate

accélérer  to accelerate

to accept

accepter  to accept

to accomplish

accomplir  to accomplish

to welcome

accueillir  to welcome

to accuse/blame

accuser  to accuse/blame

to buy

acheter  to buy

to acquire

acquérir  to acquire

to admit

admettre  to admit

to admire

admirer  to admire

to adopt/pass (a law)

adopter  to adopt/pass (a law)

to adore

adorer  to adore

to adress

adresser  to adress

to weaken

affaiblir  to weaken

to display/put up

afficher  to display/put up

to affirm/assure

affirmer  to affirm/assure

to confront/face up to

affronter  to confront/face up to

to annoy/irritate

agacer  to annoy/irritate

to get annoyed

s'agacer  to get annoyed

s'agenouiller  to kneel

to act

agir  to act

to shake/agitate

agiter  to shake/agitate

to enlarge/extend

agrandir  to enlarge/extend

to help

aider  to help

to like

aimer  to like

to add

ajouter  to add

to feed

alimenter  to feed

to go

aller  to go

to lie down

s'allonger  to lie down

to turn on/light up

allumer  to turn on/light up

to improve

améliorer  to improve

to bring

amener  to bring

to enjoy

s'amuser  to enjoy

to announce

annoncer  to announce

to cancel

annuler  to cancel

to notice

apercevoir  to notice

to appear

apparaître  to appear

to belong to

appartenir  to belong to

to call

appeler  to call

to be called

s'appeler  to be called

to applaud

applaudir  to applaud

to bring

apporter  to bring

to appreciate

apprécier  to appreciate

to learn

apprendre  (to learn)

to approach

s'approcher  (to approach)

to lean on/press

appuyer  (to lean on/press)

to rip off/swindle

arnaquer  (to rip off/swindle)

to arrange

arranger  (to arrange)

to stop

arrêter  (to stop)

to stop oneself

s'arrêter  (to stop oneself)

to arrive

arriver  (to arrive)

to water

arroser  (to water)

to articulate

articuler  (to articulate)

to inhale/aspire

aspirer  (to inhale/aspire)

to sit

asseoir  (to sit)

to sit down

s'asseoir  (to sit down)

to attach

attacher  (to attach)

to wait for

attendre  (to wait for)

to land

atterrir  (to land)

to catch

attraper  (to catch)

to increase

augmenter  (to increase)

to allow/authorize

autoriser  (to allow/authorize)

to swallow

avaler  (to swallow)

to advance

avancer  (to advance)

to warn

avertir  (to warn)

to have

avoir  (to have)

to confess/admit

avouer  (to confess/admit)

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