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Regular / Irregular / Conjugations / Tenses


Regular Verbs / Irregular Verbs

to abandon

abandonar  to abandon

to provide/supply

abastecer  to provide/supply

to dent

abollar  to dent

to hug

abrazar  to hug

to open

abrir  to open

to absorb

absorber  to absorb

to bore

aburrir  to bore

to be bored

aburrirse  to be bored

to end/finish

acabar  to end/finish

to accelerate

acelerar  to accelerate

to accept

aceptar  to accept

to approach

acercar  to approach

to accompany

acompañar  to accompany

to advise

aconsejar  to advise

to agree

acordar  to agree

to remember

acordarse  to remember

to go to bed

acostarse  to go to bed

to be used to

acostumbrar  to be used to

to act/behave

actuar  to act/behave

to accuse

acusar  to accuse

to admit

admitir  to admit

to purchase/acquire

adquirir  to purchase/acquire

to warn

advertir  to warn

to affect/alter

afectar  to affect/alter

to grab

agarrar  to grab

to thank

agradecer  to thank

to reach

alcanzar  to reach

to be happy

alegrarse  to be happy

to have lunch

almorzar  to have lunch

to rent

alquilar  to rent

to light/light up

alumbrar  to light/light up

to love

amar  to love

to add/join

añadir  to add/join

to analyze

analizar  to analyze

to walk/hang around

andar  to walk/hang around

to announce

anunciar  to announce

to turn off

apagar  to turn off

to appear/turn up

aparecer  to appear/turn up

to applaud

aplaudir  to applaud

to apply

aplicar  to apply

to support

apoyar  to support

to learn

aprender  to learn

to hurry

apresurar  (to hurry)

to take advantage of

aprovechar  (to take advantage of)

to burn

arder  (to burn)

to regret

arrepentirse  (to regret)

to kneel

arrodillarse  (to kneel)

to assure

asegurar  (to assure)

to assume

asumir  (to assume)

to scare/frighten

asustar  (to scare/frighten)

to get scared

asustarse  (to get scared)

to attack

atacar  (to attack)

to attend to/to look after

atender  (to attend to/to look after)

to attract

atraer  (to attract)

to cross

atravesar  (to cross)

to dare

atreverse  (to dare)

to increase

aumentar  (to increase)

to advance

avanzar  (to advance)

to embarrass

avergonzar  (to embarrass)

to be ashamed

avergonzarse  (to be ashamed)

to find out/inquire

averiguar  (to find out/inquire)

to help

ayudar  (to help)

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