instant lessons

Instant lessons are 30 minute lessons that you can take right away.

How to Book an Instant Lesson

  • Check if there are any teachers available for the language you are learning by clicking on the only instant lessons checkbox on the Find a Teacher page.
  • If the teacher you are interested in is not available for instant lessons, you can try contacting the teacher and ask if they are able to teach you at that moment and turn on their instant lesson option.
  • Request a lesson by clicking on the instant lesson button of the teacher of your choice.
  • The teacher will have ten minutes to accept your lesson request. A counter on your screen will show you how many minutes there are left.
  • Once the teacher accepts the request, you can start your lesson. More about this on the Where do I Take my Lesson page.

Click the instant lesson button, to take a lesson right now:

The teacher has 10 minutes to accept your lesson:

Instant Lesson Rules

Before the teacher has accepted the request, you can cancel at any moment by clicking on the cancel button. If the teacher missed the request for whatever reason, the lesson will be automatically canceled after ten minutes and the student will have all credits returned to their account.

Instant lessons should start within about five minutes of the time when the teacher accepts the request. Since these are instant lessons, the teacher is not expected to have anything prepared for you. These lessons are mainly meant for conversational practice. However, you can always send a message to a teacher if you have any special request and see if it would be possible.

After half an hour the lesson will end and you will receive a message allowing you to confirm the lesson and leave an optional review for the teacher. Once the lesson is confirmed, the teacher will receive their payment. If there was any problem with the lesson, please contact us.