how to submit an article

We have an article section on PolyTripper, with the goal of giving valuable content to our students and also attracting search engine traffic. All articles will have to be relevant to language learners. They can be for either beginners or more advanced students, either in English or in the language the article is about. We especially welcome articles that explain common grammar issues, but are open to other subjects, like culture, as well. We will not be accepting any articles about controversial or sensitive issues like politics or religion.

We encourage you to contact us and present us your article idea, before actually writing it, so you don't waste your time if it is something we will not accept.
We have a review team that checks all articles before we decide to publish them.

  • You have to be a teacher on PolyTripper to be able to submit an article. At the bottom of the article, we will post information about the teacher.
  • The article should be at least four or five paragraphs long and be interesting to our students.
  • The article has to be your own original writing. You can't copy parts of other articles.
  • You can't have had the same article published on another website. It should be original. It's okay if you write about the same subject, but please change the text and add different examples to make it original.
  • Write a short description of what the article is about. This will show up on the main article page. It can be no longer than 300 characters! Websites like LetterCount can tell you how long your text is.
  • Only write in either your native language or a language you are completely fluent in.
  • You can accompany your article with one or more images. The dimensions of the top image are 753x400 pixels. The images have to be either taken by you or be in the public domain. Examples of websites that have photos that can be used for free on commercial websites are: pixabay, UnSplash, skitterphoto, gratisography, SplitShire, PicOGraphy, StockSnap, stokpic and pexels. Please make sure you give us links to the photos you want to use in your article, so we can double check that they are indeed free to use on a commercial website. We can also pick an image to accompany your article if you don't feel like choosing one yourself.
  • You can also accompany your article with a video you made. The same rules apply to this video as to a teacher presentation video (minus the rule where you have to speak in all the languages you teach). You can find these rules at this link. The video should serve as a support for the contents of the article, not as a replacement. The article should still be at least four or five paragraphs long. You can give us the video the same way you give us a presentation video, see this link.

When you have an article idea you want to present to us or an article you would like to be published, you can contact us. We will then communicate with you about giving us the article, title, description and optional images and/or video.