finding a teacher

If you are looking for a teacher, the Find a Teacher page is the place to start. First pick the language you are interested in. If your language is not one of the options, please contact us. New teachers will be added all the time.

If you prefer to take lessons with native teachers, you can choose to only display those teachers right at the top of the screen.

You can also filter teachers by where they are from, which additional language they speak and when they have availability. The last filter options help you determine exactly what type of teacher you want. You can choose between professional and informal teachers. You can also search for teachers who are specialized in teaching children, beginners, advanced students or test preparation. Lastly you can filter by price, so you can find a teacher who fits your budget. After you adjust your search parameters, you will need to click on the Search button to bring back the filtered results.

To help you to get to know the teacher a bit more, you can watch their introductory video, a description about themselves, their complete list of prices and their availability. By clicking on either their photo or name you can go to their teacher profile page, which will include even more information. Some teachers have listed their education and work experience and you can also see if they have an specializations and read reviews from other students who have taken lessons with them.

If you feel like taking an instant lesson you can click on the instant lesson checkbox to see if there are any teachers currently available. If no teachers have their instant lessons activated, you can contact a teacher to see if he or she is available and ready to turn their instant lessons on.

When teachers on the search page catch your eye, but you're not ready to make a decision yet, you can click on the heart in front of their name to add them to your favorite teacher list. You can find a list of all your favorite teachers on this page. Hopefully you'll find a teacher to your liking.